Cookham Parish Council

Allotments are available for residents of Cookham Parish and are located at – Sutton Road (Cookham Village), Alfred Major Recreation Ground (Cookham Rise) and Alleyns Lane (Cookham Dean).

We are offering plots of approximately 125 sq m in size at an annual rental of £20.00.

New tenants are required to sign an Allotment Tenancy Agreement and pay a one-off deposit of £25 to secure the plot.  This deposit is refundable on termination of the tenancy once the plot is inspected and found in good order.  The annual rent is payable in October each year.

Any resident of Cookham Parish interested in having an allotment, or requiring further information, should contact the Parish Council Office (Tel: 01628 522003) or email

Cookham Parish Council is a member of NSALG (National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners which gives us access to extensive information and advice on allotments in general.